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Posted by Arvye on February 3, 2013 at 2:30 PM



I wish life could have being a little bit fair

I mean, it treats you as if you are some kinda dummy to toy with

Some people look down on you because they are afraid to admit

You are special and will rise above them

I’ve met alotta people,

Made alotta friends since childhood

I’ve crossed many lines in the name of friendship

The very first time my dad ever said I disappointed him

And let him down was when I lied to him to cover a friend from being punished by his guardian

I’ve done a lot in the name of friendship

Starved, suffered, shed tears, and went through alotta pains just to keep friendship

But the reverse has always be the case for me

I always try to trust everyone I come across but what I get most of the times is betrayal

I’ve always tried to see only good in people but I’m being blinded by my view towards life from that perspective

Why are people never seeing the truth, believing in it & try to live by it

Instead, they chose darkness

To live in lies, in deceit, living a fake life, living without no conscience

Burying their emotions and living selfishly


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