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Posted by Arvye on February 3, 2013 at 2:20 PM



Life is a two way sword

The good, the bad

The best, the worst

The beautiful, the ugly

It depends on where the blade shows to you

You aint no shit without no challenges

I’ve seen the good

I’ve experienced the bad

I’ve seen the best

I’ve experienced the worst

I’ve seen the beautiful

Even the ugliest

Nothing aint the world can throw at me that I aint fit to handle

I’ve walked through enough rough, even rougher bridges & edges

I’ve equally walked through a jonzing bridge

I’ve lived like a slave, treated like one

I’ve lived like a king with a swagnificient majestic pride

What is it that I haven’t gone or passed through?

Through thick & thin situation

Nothing that I haven’t seen

Critics yelling at me,

Fans wailing to cheer me up

I’ve been humiliated to the breaking point

I’ve shed uncontrollable tears of joy,

When I looked back to see where I’ve started,

Where I’ve being,

Where I’m headed

I wasn’t born in poverty but I tasted it to know what it feels like to live in penury

I was born with so much love that I’ve tried to so much to love everyone around me

Some reciprocate,

Some inversely reciprocate,

Some snitch me behind my back

I know nobody aint perfect not even me

And I also believe everyone’s got a second chance

That’s why I never turn my back on any

‘Cos even God gives more than a second chance

Someone once called me the greatest fool to I’ve ever lived

Some calls me a brainiac

I’ve been rejected by some in the past

I’ve been condemned by many alotta times

But thanks to Almighty,

I’m still that very guy they all wanna reckon with now

From all these I’ve been through,

All I’ve learnt so far from all these is that life aint worth no freaking shit

Do your part and let your part count

Do your best and leave the rest for others to deal with


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