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Posted by Arvye on February 2, 2013 at 2:00 PM



What a complicated world I found myself

Let my voice be hard

Let my impact be felt

I’m young,


With most of feelings hidden from the outside

I bottle everything within me

You have no idea about who I really am

So don’t be so fast to judge me

Please y’all shouldn’t judge me

Cos you aint got no freaking clue nor idea ‘bout me

Fuck your ideas

I’ve being through a lot

Yet, you wanna judge my book by its cover

What do I really wanna gain from trynna be who I really aint

Looking all around,

Seeing alotta people trynna fool themselves that they really

Belong to some high class

Your class aint mean nothing

Your swags aint worth nothing

Your level aint worth no shit

But how you really live your life & be true to yourself and people around is the man ish

I can spend a million in a day

But a hundred thousand outta it may not be spent by me

Where is the convenience and comfort when people around you aint really cool and okay?

My life is even a mystery to me

I’m like a puzzle that only God can re-arrange

I live my life like there aint no tomorrow

Like my old man always says “live today for today and let tomorrow sort itself out”

“Live like you won’t live tomorrow, it is what you do today that would be the history of tomorrow”

To some, I might be no one

To some, I’m precious than priceless

To some, I’m nobody but a young fool

To some, I’m a god, a role model that they look up to

I aint just anybody but myself

I live life to the fullest like there aint no tomorrow

But wait,

What if there aint really no tomorrow????

A food for thought


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