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Chronicles of Arvye

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I feel empty deep down me

Looked into everything that really makes sense in the sight of people,

But all I could see is nothing

The world looks null and void

It’s just like a guy that just ejaculated or masturbated,

The moment you get to the peak,

It’s like being on top of the world and feeling the ocean of passion

But immediately you release the fluid,

It seems like nothing really matters anymore

That is exactly a good comparison in trynna win the world

When you win or if you win,

What next?

You are gonna feel like there aint no pleasure in it

Or even mean nothing to you

Then why trynna spill alotta bloodshed on the quest that cannot even quench your thirst for challenge/ achievements?

This aint my first time saying/ writing about this life that it aint worth nothing

I can’t tell how much I’ve thought, dreamt, planned, prayed, and talked about my music career

The kinda joy, pleasure I get each time I’m in music mood

But if I should achieve my goals and get to my peak without touching the lives of many others,

Then there aint no difference between our selfish, greedy, callous, and wicked leaders and I

I aint no different to any of them at all ’cos,

What is the achievement without people benefiting from such achievement?

Life to me means “living today for today and leaving tomorrow for tomorrow”

Even the Holy bible ascertain this same point

Touch as many lives as possible, stretch forth your hands to as many people you can reach

‘Cos you aint no different in God’s sight

Despite all our sins, iniquities, transgressions

God never stops sun from shining upon us all

So why can’t you emulate this,

So your so called achievement would make a meaning to you

Like Alh. Aliyu Aliko Dangote once quoted in the forbes

He said “I am no longer deriving any joy being ranked as the richest in Africa, but the only thing that could make me happy is the numbers of billionaires that rise from my stable”

Can you be happy if a fellow friend of yours becomes as rich as you are?

Or someone in your family, hood/street, town/city, state/county or country?

Search yourself

Enough said, “a word they say is enough for the wise”


Chronicles of Arvye

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C – hoosing

H – ow


L – ive

L – ife

Life is beautiful

Life is cool

Life is worth living

But life could be unbearable like hell

If you roll and move with the wrong cliques

It all depend on one principle

How you really wanna choose to live your life “the c.h.i.l.l principles”

I could have be a gangster

Had all opportunity to be anybody I wanna be

But it’s all by choice

And I aint ready to make it

‘Cos gangsterism aint my blood

The way you choose to live determines how life would really treat you

Enjoy life to the fullest

But don’t take nothing for granted


Chronicles of Arvye

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I wish life could have being a little bit fair

I mean, it treats you as if you are some kinda dummy to toy with

Some people look down on you because they are afraid to admit

You are special and will rise above them

I’ve met alotta people,

Made alotta friends since childhood

I’ve crossed many lines in the name of friendship

The very first time my dad ever said I disappointed him

And let him down was when I lied to him to cover a friend from being punished by his guardian

I’ve done a lot in the name of friendship

Starved, suffered, shed tears, and went through alotta pains just to keep friendship

But the reverse has always be the case for me

I always try to trust everyone I come across but what I get most of the times is betrayal

I’ve always tried to see only good in people but I’m being blinded by my view towards life from that perspective

Why are people never seeing the truth, believing in it & try to live by it

Instead, they chose darkness

To live in lies, in deceit, living a fake life, living without no conscience

Burying their emotions and living selfishly


Chronicles of Arvye

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Life is a two way sword

The good, the bad

The best, the worst

The beautiful, the ugly

It depends on where the blade shows to you

You aint no shit without no challenges

I’ve seen the good

I’ve experienced the bad

I’ve seen the best

I’ve experienced the worst

I’ve seen the beautiful

Even the ugliest

Nothing aint the world can throw at me that I aint fit to handle

I’ve walked through enough rough, even rougher bridges & edges

I’ve equally walked through a jonzing bridge

I’ve lived like a slave, treated like one

I’ve lived like a king with a swagnificient majestic pride

What is it that I haven’t gone or passed through?

Through thick & thin situation

Nothing that I haven’t seen

Critics yelling at me,

Fans wailing to cheer me up

I’ve been humiliated to the breaking point

I’ve shed uncontrollable tears of joy,

When I looked back to see where I’ve started,

Where I’ve being,

Where I’m headed

I wasn’t born in poverty but I tasted it to know what it feels like to live in penury

I was born with so much love that I’ve tried to so much to love everyone around me

Some reciprocate,

Some inversely reciprocate,

Some snitch me behind my back

I know nobody aint perfect not even me

And I also believe everyone’s got a second chance

That’s why I never turn my back on any

‘Cos even God gives more than a second chance

Someone once called me the greatest fool to I’ve ever lived

Some calls me a brainiac

I’ve been rejected by some in the past

I’ve been condemned by many alotta times

But thanks to Almighty,

I’m still that very guy they all wanna reckon with now

From all these I’ve been through,

All I’ve learnt so far from all these is that life aint worth no freaking shit

Do your part and let your part count

Do your best and leave the rest for others to deal with


Chronicles of Arvye

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What a complicated world I found myself

Let my voice be hard

Let my impact be felt

I’m young,


With most of feelings hidden from the outside

I bottle everything within me

You have no idea about who I really am

So don’t be so fast to judge me

Please y’all shouldn’t judge me

Cos you aint got no freaking clue nor idea ‘bout me

Fuck your ideas

I’ve being through a lot

Yet, you wanna judge my book by its cover

What do I really wanna gain from trynna be who I really aint

Looking all around,

Seeing alotta people trynna fool themselves that they really

Belong to some high class

Your class aint mean nothing

Your swags aint worth nothing

Your level aint worth no shit

But how you really live your life & be true to yourself and people around is the man ish

I can spend a million in a day

But a hundred thousand outta it may not be spent by me

Where is the convenience and comfort when people around you aint really cool and okay?

My life is even a mystery to me

I’m like a puzzle that only God can re-arrange

I live my life like there aint no tomorrow

Like my old man always says “live today for today and let tomorrow sort itself out”

“Live like you won’t live tomorrow, it is what you do today that would be the history of tomorrow”

To some, I might be no one

To some, I’m precious than priceless

To some, I’m nobody but a young fool

To some, I’m a god, a role model that they look up to

I aint just anybody but myself

I live life to the fullest like there aint no tomorrow

But wait,

What if there aint really no tomorrow????

A food for thought



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