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Olusola Oyelami aka Arvye is a young and talented gentleman who hails from Osun state. He was born on the 5th of June 1990. Arvye is an easygoing, jovial and fun-loving person. He has the ability to put smiles on faces with his masculine charms :D

     Arvye is a brand name that has been in the music industry since 2007 and has recorded some hits singles like Getting Higher, Appreciation, to mention a few. He also has an album titled “Now or Never - The mixtape”. He is currently working on another album which is set to hit the industry soon.
      Arvye's hobbies include playing musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. He also enjoys writing, traveling, recording and playing video games. He is inspired by his father who is an artist. Mr. Arvye is definitely a musical prodigy and will surely blow our minds with not only his music, but also, with his intellectual capacities.

 Currently signed to no record label but working alongside a talented team of young blood setting up a label named “Bizzy Men Empire Records” which will promote good music and bring together like minds to give back to the community in all ramifications.

           He had his first single and an 8-track Album released in 2007 with a group called  Y – Front comprising Arvye (BoYe), Santy (TaYo), Charles (Yode) and Depsie (AYo) (all having Ys). Won the Best upcoming Group Duo Award in Ilorin and they were making hits in Ilorin, Kwara State until they all went solo and started differently.

        He recorded is first studio single in January 2010 and earned him over 5000 hits on air in the year 2010.

       Since the release of his first single in 2010, he had to keep a cool head a bit because of his education. Became a graduate in 2011, completed his youth service scheme in 2012 and now working in the studio day and night on a new Mixtape Album set for release in the early months of 2013.

       Arvye, a Bachelor degree holder in Educational Technology, formerly acknowledged and known as Young Cheezy by producers, colleagues, fans, peers, family, friends changed his stage name to Arvye due to some reasons known to him.

Arvye meaning:


A                -          ALTRUISM             “the unselfish me

R                -           RADIANT               “my personality

V                -           VISION                  the vision only few can share

Y                -           YEARN                  “the one my innermost desires

E                -           EXCITEMENT       "the one my spirit is catching




     Arvye coined from an English name Arvie meaning “people's friend” looked so appealing to ‘Boye as widely called by folks and peers as the name really suit his persona.

     "I rep for the love of the hood, for the passion of good music, I rep Bizzy Men Empire Records".

Show some love and support to the latest young blood from the block……….

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